Our Jurney

The idea of "Greek Myth Experience" was born when we learned through our travel experiences that for every travel destination we visited, the question we have always been asked from friends was: "did you see the show"?

In most major cities there is one permanent show addressed to travelers with a common component to present part of the tradition, culture and history of the destination and the city.

That's how the idea was born and our exciting journey started. We discovered that that there is not such performance in Athens that will enhance the guests experience through a travel in time when Gods, Heroes and monsters walked the earth. We decided to join forces with experts and create a dynamic and representative performance of the high quality of Greek culture and history.

We are very delighted that all the team at Greek Myth Experience complements each other on creating a unique recipe that gives the viewer/traveler a strong, impressive and harmonious experience but at the same time leaves behind a tasty bouquet that will energize all your senses and make you smile and want to share this experience.

We want you to have the best time in Athens and we will welcome you with a smile taking a photo with you and the actors dressed in original costumes.

The performance takes place in Kivotos Theatre located near the Parthenon and Acropolis Museum.

Please contact your local Tour Operator for More information and Bookings